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Typical Cinque Terre Wines play a key role in our wine tasting school served with a good selection of Ligurian bites.  

All tastes are catered for and if you have a particular preference or dietary requirement this can be met by booking at least one day in advance.

Need Accommodation in Cinque Terre?




The wines we will serve will all be typical to the region in order to offer the best understanding of Ligurian foods and wines and the suitability to compliment each dish. Our Wine Tasting experience is available at just 95 Euros per person and includes a lite bites menu.

The Cinque Terre Wine School

Wine Menu

2 types of Cinque Terre white Vetua, Buranco or Cappellini

One red Cinque Terre Vetua, Buranco or Cappellini

One red Dell'Entroterra from Liguria

One sweet wine Sciacchetrà delle 5 terre

At the end of the session, you will also be offered Cafe or Grappa

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Cinque Terre Wine School
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