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Our Wine School

On arrival at our Cinque Terre wine school you will be greeted with a warm welcome and traditional Ligurian hospitality.. A great place to meet new friends in a beautiful location while enjoying our local wines and speciality dishes.  Our Wine Tasting Lessons offer an insight into pairing Ligurian food and wines and understanding when and with what each wine would be appropriate..  


Jonathan and his family will spend time with you sharing their extensive knowledge and experience explaining about the history of the Cinque Terre wines and how they have evolved over the years.  The different methods used including age old traditional methods, which in some places are still used even today, in order to acquire the unique flavours which make Ligurian wines so special and also which foods would be the most suitable accompaniment...

Our chef will prepare  a good selection of some of our most famous traditional Ligurian bites which will be served during the wine tasting.. The talk will also include a summary about the different types of foods and how food pairing is done the Ligurian way.  


This is a very relaxing and sociable afternoon, where you can enjoy some delicious Ligurian food and wine tasting in a beautiful location.  A wonderful way to learn about the Ligurian culture in a region where food and drink have been such an important part of our culture and lifestyle for so many generations



We're open 12.30pm til late Mon-Sun.

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Phone:  +44 1376  801149

Our Wine School Lessons


Visit the Cinque Terre Wine School

Come & Join Us!

A relaxing afternoon awaits you at the Cinque Terre Wine School. Located overlooking the sea in Monterosso, CInque Terre, a really stunning view that you will enjoy. We look forward to entertaining you and giving you some very special memories of your time in Cinque Terre. 


Sea view with the Wine School
Wine tasting with Cinque Terre wines
Wine school with Cinque Terre wines
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