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The Cinque Terre region of Liguria.


The region of Liguria is steeped in history and renowned for its beauty, stunning coastline and some of the best food and wine you are likely to find in Italy.  All over the area you will see olive groves, lemon orchards and grape vines situated on the terraces on the hillsides, which are cultivated with great care and at times with difficulty. 


The warm moist climate and the sea breeze offer an ideal environment for crops to grow, consequently, Liguria boasts some delicious and unique olive oils, liquors and wines.  Food and drink combination is so important to the Ligurian people that they have spent many generations perfecting the ideal wines to accompany each traditional dish.  


The Cinque Terre Wine School is the perfect place to learn about the skills of food combination.  Set in the heart of Monterosso overlooking the sea, our wine school offers a relaxing environment with stunning views over the sea.

Views from our Wine School - Cinque Terre

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